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Thanks to the internet, video conferencing Mac has become more important than ever before. Many global companies have their workforce spread out over several continents, yet they still need to get together to discuss business. Video conferencing is a cheap way to do just that, and it saves thousands of dollars in airline tickets. All you need is an internet connection the right software and a webcam and you’re good to go.

Free Solutions for Video Conferencing


Now that once free Skype has begun charging for group video conferencing it became important to find other free video conferencing mac solutions. Here are 5 free solutions for your Mac.

  • iChat: iChat is available on every Mac as part of the default OS X installation. It’s perfect for one-on-one conversations using chat, video, and audio and also for connecting to 2 others via video chat. If you want to turn your conferences into a podcast and you have a copy of iLife you can use garage band to record the conferences. The one drawback here is that this is an OS X product only so you can’t use it with friends who use Windows or Linux operating systems.

  • QNext: QNext will work on OS X, Windows, and Linux platforms. This application allows users to interact using instant messaging, media sharing, as well as audio and video chatting. You can link up with 3 other computers. In order for QNext to work it does have to be installed on each computer you intend on chatting or video conferencing with.

  • Tokbox: Rather than being a software application that has to be installed on each computer you want to interface with, it works as a service that runs in your browser via adobe Flash. Tokbox was made for video conferencing Mac so it won’t replace your current instant messaging applications. Tokbox is easy to use. You just invite someone to join your conference directly from your web browser. It’ll work fine as long as the other people have recent versions of Flash installed.

  • Tinychat: Tinychat is all about free, easy to use video chat rooms that work great. This is another web based service like Tokbox and uses Flash to allow multiple people to chat via audio, video, and text. You just go to the website and choose a name for your chat room and you end up with a URL to share with those you want to communicate with. If there is a downside it’s that you can’t limit access by adding in a password so sometimes you might get some people you’d rather not chat with.

  • Sifonr: This is another web based application that uses Flash to create video chat rooms with no limit to the number of participants that can be in the same room chatting. Participants share their bandwidth in a feature called peer-assisted networking which improves the overall user experience. The service also has peer to peer file sharing as well. Unlike Tinychat, you do not have to sign up for a service. You pick a chat room name and in seconds have a URL to share; it’s that simple. There are very limited moderation tools and anybody can join in whether you want them to or not.

There you have it; the top free video conferencing Mac applications. Check them out, there’s something for everyone, Mac, Linux, or Windows users.

Free is Key

With Skype going the pay route for video conferencing with multiple users, it’s nice to know there is still free video conferencing Mac. That’s great for small business owners especially whose key people may be spread across more than one continent. Most solutions don’t even require a Mac and you can connect with Windows and Linux users with ease.

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