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Mac has always been linked to quality and performance. But, this Mac Pro review will show that the brand has outdone itself. There are various desktops, laptops, and all-in-one models associated with the Mac name. None are as powerful as the Apple Mac Pro. This computer is simply a behemoth. Even at its lowest baseline configuration, it provides more power than the average computer user will ever need.

What is the Mac Pro Best Used For?

Mac Pro ReviewThe reason that the Mac Pro is so powerful is because it was designed to be an industrial power house. The average user will surf the web, check their mail, and play the occasional video game on their particular computer. This means that a system with a dual core processor, 2 gigs of ram, and a reasonably powerful graphics card will suit their needs. But, if you work in the film or gaming industry, you will need something with much more power.

Mac Pro RAM - 3 to 6 Gigs

This is what this particular Mac was designed to do and do well. Currently the base configuration for the Mac Pro is a quad core processor clocking at 2.66 GHZ, 3 gigs of RAM, 1 640 gig hard drive, and an NVIDIA Geforce GT 120 with 512 megs of RAM. The price tag for this is around $2,500 USD and the power it offers is immense.

A Mac Pro review of the higher end model shows features such as 6 gigs of ram and dual quad core processors for even more power and performance. The price tag for this is around $3,300 USD. Performance for both configurations is exemplary and it excels at audio video editing, 3D rendering, and 3D animation. Now many people may be asking if the work in these fields warrants buying such an expensive and powerful computer. Absolutely. 

The Apple Mac Pro - a Powerhouse Computer

Mac Pro ReviewWhile an amateur 3D animator or modeler might get by on his or her standard setup eventually they will need more power. Working with CGI requires vast amounts of processing, graphical, and memory capabilities in order to render out anything more advanced than low level effects. For example, take the last movie you saw that had very convincing special effects in it. This can be a live action movie or a 3D movie.

Take the time to remember it for a minute and remember the realism of the models, animations, and effects you saw. Now take into account that every one of those 3D models has hundreds to thousands of polygons each. Intense scenes may have millions or in some cases billions of these polygons on screen at once and when combined with complex shaders it can take some time to render out a scene.

This is what the Mac Pro was designed to handle and its performance is between 3 to 5 times better than the average workstation. Add to the fact that it's the most environmentally and energy efficient Mac system ever and it's hard to beat. Even the case of the system is designed for easy opening and modification in the event you need to upgrade or replace parts.

Mac Pro Review - Not for the Masses

The Mac Pro is simply overwhelming in terms of sheer power and is not for the average user. You can get a new Mac Pro, but it would be a waste of capabilities to relegate it to checking email and surfing the web. This monster was designed to work with the most demanding applications in the industry. Those that can make the most use out of it are those that use intensive audio, video, 3D editing, and 3D animation programs.

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