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As a devoted Mac user, your Mac OS X wallpaper might say as much about you as your choice of computer does. Just as we decorate our rooms or homes, most of us like when our computers reflect our tastes or personality. Developers know this and are constantly busy churning out the next great batch of wallpapers for eager Mac users. With the new MAC Mountain Lion OS comes the new galaxy-inspired wallpaper.

It is possible to view and download many of the existing designs after a quick search. No matter what kind of connection speed you use, you can save them in a matter of seconds. The sheer magnitude of available wallpaper for your Apple computer means that you will find more than a few that meets your requirements.

Choosing a Mac OS X Wallpaper


Many websites offer great images for Mac computers that you can download for freely and safely. Images available include dazzling nature photograph to a picture spliced together with image editing software.

Of course, you can create your own using pictures from a digital camera or Smartphone. As easy as this process is, the following hints could ensure that could you get the right images, not just for you, but also for your work environment.

  • Choose images that are not offensive: Even if you work on your own computer from home, chances are other people will occasionally see your screen. You want the image to reflect who you are, but it still has to be a positive one for those around you. This is especially true if you take your laptop to work or to meetings with clients.

  • Pay attention to aesthetics: Just because an image is attractive to look at, does not mean it is the best choice. If you want to make the right impression, try to choose something that will not only appeal to you, but also to others who may see or use your computer. One simple way to make this possible is to download a set of images. This will allow you to change them when you need to, even if it is just to suit your mood.

  • Make sure icons are visible: No matter what type of image you use, it should not drown out or blend with your screen icons. This will disrupt your workflow, since you might have to access programs or folders quickly. Ensure that there is enough contrast between icons and your Mac OS X wallpaper so that you can easily see the icons.

How Important is Image Resolution?

Many people download images from the Internet while ignoring the significance of quality and sharpness. Almost every location you can download screen pictures from will tell you the resolution of the images. Generally, the higher the resolution the better, but this does not mean you always have to aim for the highest one possible.

You can’t go wrong with images selected by Apple. With these options, you know you will receive quality images at the best resolution possible suitable for your system. Some sources conveniently zip a large group of images for easy downloading. This way, you can browse them at your leisure, even when you are not online.

One thing worth remembering is that you must ensure that you download the final images, as opposed to the preview samples.

Downloading and Installing MAC OS X Wallpaper

The method of selecting and downloading these varies depending on the MAC OS in use. While it is generally intuitive, for new MAC users it makes sense to read the download and installation information before changing or putting up new ones. You can also choose to download all the available sizes or just a few. These ranges from a high of 3200x2000 to a low of 640x960 resolution. For the more current MAC OS 10, one way to download wallpapers is as follows:

  1. Point the cursor to the Apple icon in the tool bar
  2. Click System Preferences on the menu which will take you to the Desktop icon
  3. Save your pictures/wallpaper in a convenient folder such as the "Picture" folder
  4. Select "Desktop" and "Screensaver"
  5. Select the "desktop" tab
  6. Go to the folder with the images you want for your wallpaper and select "Choose"
  7. Click the wallpaper, at this stage to see if it will appear on your desktop
  8. You can use the preview image menu to tweak the wallpaper the way you want it to look

Above all else, remember that your Mac OS X wallpaper is supposed to be fun. It is a great way to dress up an otherwise bland screen. Remember too that you can use these images for other Mac devices as well. You can also make the entire process easier by downloading a wallpaper app directly from Apple. This will put a variety of quality images right at your fingertips, anytime you need them.

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