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Whether you’re a serious musician or just someone who likes to dabble, Mac music software is the best available. It can be fun to create your own music, but complicated software programs can take the fun out of it and leave you confused and frustrated. However, Mac music-creation software makes the process totally easy and fun.


Software for Musicians and Music Lovers


Apple has put a great deal of time and money in their OS X platform for musicians and people who just love music. There are a number of Mac’s All in One Studios from which to choose. These Mac music software titles are great whether you produce, record, mix, or just love to listen to beautiful music.

  • Logic Studio: A complete set of professional applications that enables you to write, record, mix, and perform, and is the largest collection of modeled instruments in one place according to Apple.
  • Digital Performer: Mix, process, and master audio, record, and arrange tracks side by side for live performance and songwriting.
  • Pro Tools: An advanced audio creation and production suite featuring dozens of virtual instruments and plug-ins, scoring, and MIDI features.
  • Garage Band: Real bands like Fall Out Boy use this simple, easy-to-use recording application, and is a nice place to start if you want to experiment with making your own music.
  • Cubase 5: An industry standard application used by professionals for recording and producing music.
  • Ardour: A packed interface with dials and switches that make your eyes bug out, and a free open source application; unusual in this category.


Software for the Amateur Musician

Okay, so you’re not a serious musician and do not want to put in the time learning the business of mixing, producing, recording, and so forth. Here are three of the top Mac music software applications for you.

  • Audacity: An open source audio platform that works on your Mac as well as Windows and Linux, and is best used for simple one track editing jobs, primarily for making quick edits and fixes. Audacity is an essential for any amateur musician, allowing you can put together complex pod casts. However, it is not your best choice for full-blown song production, although its ease of use makes this good for the beginner.
  • Mixxx: If you have ever dreamed of becoming a DJ this free app is just right. It plugs into your iTunes library so you can do live DJ mixes on your favorite tunes. Mixxx features auto BPM matching so it takes away some of the guess work; another reason this is good for the amateur. You have everything you need at your fingertips for live remixing as the song is playing.
  • Hydrogen: A free drum sequencer, originally a Linux application, but now a Mac music software version is available. Take your library of samples and it functions as a sequencer. If you really want to take advantage of Hydrogen, program your own drum tracks. Hydrogen works with most lossless audio formats like FLAC and has multi-layer support with 16 samples per instrument. However, it’s not great for non-percussive instruments, so if playing the guitar is your thing you should check out other Mac music titles.


For the Love of Music

Music takes you to a place in your life that has meaning; something to be cherished. Most all of us have any number of songs in our heads that when heard triggers a host of wonderful memories, even love. Mac music software is perfect for the amateur or professional musician who wants to create his/her own music memories.

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