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Before choosing a Mac HTML editor it’s important you know what an html editor is. An html editor is a very specialized piece of software that enables you to create html code. The html editor is similar to Notepad but allows you to enter raw text. Because of this most professional developers use it to create and maintain their websites.



While there are certain differences between the various html editors, there are certain features that are found in all Mac HTML editors.

  • Html and CSS Autocomplete: When you begin to type it detects when you begin to type html or CSS and it will automatically insert the rest of the HTML/CSS code for you; like closing tags for example.

  • Entrees Library: This allows you to insert html entities with a click of the mouse.

  • Site Explorer: You can navigate files in your website using a hierarchical menu like Windows Explorer.

  • Search and Replace: Most HTML editors have some kind of search and replace. You can search through an entire website or project for certain file types.

  • Split Screen View: You can split the screen to show half code and half preview.

  • Built in FTP Client: You can publish changes without having to fire up a separate FTP client. This makes publishing so much easier.

Best Mac Html Choices

Now that you know the basics of HTML editors, it’s time to take a look at some of the top Mac HTML editor.

  • PageSpinner: Supports Include files that enable you to change common sections on all pages on a site or in a folder. PageSpinner features CSS support with CSS previews, fully customizable live previews, JavaScript and PHP syntax coloring, a Tag Clipboard, and a 100 page notebook. It also features AppleScript support and File Uploads to web servers. PageSpinner also supports web technologies like PHP, Embedded Objects, Cascading style sheets, and On-line HTML validation services.

  • WebDesign: This HTML software features auto complete, intelligent syntax coloring for HTML, PHP, CSS and more. You get live preview of websites as you build them, auto conversion of HTML Entities as you type, and auto conversion of styled text to HTML, XHTML, or CSS. It has drag and drop tools palette, a customizable tool bar, and check document syntax and accessibility. You can also check and optimize your website code instantly, among many other features. And finally, it includes professionally designed website templates.

  • skEdit: This is a Mac HTML editor and Text editor that focuses on web development. skEdit includes features to assist in editing of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, Perl, Python, ASP and others. skEdit features include the ability to edit files over FTP, SFTP or WebDav using the same interface used for any files. You can apply any changes to the server immediately or at another time of your choosing. You can easily add support for new languages or tweak existing languages. Currently supported languages are JavaScript, Cold Fusion, CSS, HTML, Perl, PHP, SQL, Python, Movable Type, and Ruby on Rails. skEdit uses a multi-threaded approach so uploading and synching files are done seamlessly in the background.

Text HTML Editors

For those of you wondering why people use text editors, here are some reasons. Text editors give web developers a lot of control and speed. A developer who understands HTML can easily edit web pages faster using a text editor than someone using WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) text editor. If you want to do web development professionally, most companies want people who know HTML. You can rapidly create your own websites and instantly view changes on line. Mac HTML editor is just a better way to go.

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