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Mac GarageBand was born in 2002.

iMac 1998 Mac GarageBandAlthough Apple dabbled with a number of different types of video and digital software, they did not have much success in this area.

Until the iMac was introduced in 1998. During this time, they experimented with Macromedia Final Cut software. This led to the development of iMovie and Final Pro the following year.

Apple did not get into the digital music market until 2002. They had acquired Emagic and Logic Audio, which lead to the release of Macintosh music software - Mac Garage Band. The same year, iPhoto was also released, and the first iLife software suite emerged.

Mac GarageBand integrates a number of features which allows anyone to create their own recording studio. Even without a musical background.

With the GarageBand software application, you can learn how to:

  • write music
  • play an instrument
  • record a song

No experience necessary.

Learn GarageBand Tutorials

With GarageBand, you can take basic music lessons right from your own computer. There are a number of interactive lessons which will teach you the fundamentals. Piano lessons will show you where to place your fingers and will show you the notes.

GarageBand Songs

As you progress, you have the option to add on a backup band. You can even take lessons from your favorite famous artist. All of the instruments sound realistic and are plug and play.

With this option, you can plug your keyboard into the Mac and take advantage of the vast number of sounds offered (woodwinds, guitars, and more). There are over 100 different sounds for you to choose from. If you don't have a keyboard, you can use the onscreen keyboard. It can be resized to show up to ten octaves at a time.

Your recordings can be displayed onscreen in several different ways, or, you can print them out.

GarageBand Guitar

The software will also allow you to use your Mac as an amplifier. Just plug in your guitar. Afterwards, you can add in virtual effects, or get 3D views of the rig (amp, speaker cabinet and stompboxes).

You can also assemble a full band, using a number of different instruments to play together in an ensemble. Then you can sing or play along. Each instrument can be assigned a different style, for full control over the sound. Then, use GarageBand to record your masterpiece.

Apple GarageBand

After your recording session, you can use GarageBand to mix and arrange your song. You can pick from all of your recordings to select the best one. Now you are ready to master your creation.

Just like the pros.

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