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If you have a computer long enough, odds are you may need Mac data recovery software. Yet no matter how common computer crashes are, many people do not back up their computer data until it’s too late. Then they find themselves frantically flipping through the yellow pages looking for a computer store that can hopefully salvage their files.


Sometimes they’re in luck, and sometimes not so lucky. It is actually quite rare that a Mac crashes so most Mac people who are buying recovery software are doing so for peace of mind more than anything else.

Best Data Recovery Software

When it comes to Mac data recovery software there are numerous titles to choose from. For your peace of mind, as soon as you get a computer, get recovery software for it. Odds are, you’ll be glad you did. Here are 5 top sellers.

  • Boomerang Data Recovery 2.1: This is the perfect software for those who don’t know their way around their computer. It’s simple, easy to use and can recover data from things like your hard drive, USB devices, and even memory cards. Boomerang can also recover deleted or damaged files, even files deleted from your trash bin.

  • Ease US 5.5.1: According to Ease, as long as you didn’t set fire to your hard drive, you can recover your lost files, and from a variety of devices. Like most software titles, Ease can recover data from your hard drive as well as external devices like your iPod. You can even specify the exact file types you want to find and that saves you from recovering a lot of things that you’d rather stay gone.

  • Tech Tool Pro 6: Tech Tool is new and improved, able to recover data from external hard drives and other external devices like iPods, USB drive

  • Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery: Stellar Phoenix’s recovery software can recover lost, deleted, or formatted files from not only from your Mac, but also from devices like MP3 players and iPod’s. Recovery software comes with stellar tech support, both online and phone support.

  • Data Rescue 2013: Advertised as the Saint Bernard that digs up your files after an avalanche, Data Rescue will recover lost or corrupted data from all Mac OX file types as well as external devices. During testing Data Rescue was able to recover photos from a camera.

When selecting Mac data recovery software you should make sure the software you end up with can recover data not only from your computer’s internal hard drive, but also from the following devices: eternal hard drives, USB drives and memory cards, iPod Touch and Nano, iPad, and MP3 players.

Some software titles even allow you to specify an exact file name to be recovered rather than a blanket recovery that reclaims the things you don’t want as well as what you do want. The best Mac data recovery software should also have strong customer support and be easy to interface with.

Better Safe than Sorry

Just about everybody at some point in time loses important files from some type of device. Mac data recovery software can now recover lost files from things the following devices:

  • Computer’s internal hard drive
  • Eternal hard drives
  • iPod (touch, Nano, etc…)
  • iPad
  • USB drives
  • Memory cards

Sometimes you have files that you really do not need and recovering those files is just a waste of space. New software enables you to specify the exact files you would like recovered. Mac data recovery software is all about peace of mind. You may not be thrilled about spending the money right now, but down the road, if you’re like most people, you’ll be glad you bought it.

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