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Mac Boot Camp has helped settle many issues between Mac and PC users. For years the argument between Windows Based PC's and Apple's Mac line of computers has raged with pros and cons for both sides. One of the main complaints that kept people from switching over to a Mac was that they couldn't take their Windows based documents, folders, pictures, videos, and other files with them. This may not seem like a big deal to some people but many PC users, especially budding animators and artists have a lot of files that they simply can't afford to lose.

Boot Camp Mac

However, this complaint has been settled with the implementation of the software known as Mac Boot Camp. This software allows you to install both Mac OS and Microsoft Windows XP or Vista on your Mac. After installation, you can boot to either OS at startup, or using VMware you can install and run Windows alongside Mac OS.

Then, you can then transfer your Windows based files directly to your Mac with an external hard drive or a USB drive. Aside from the enthusiast, why would the average person be concerned with such a thing? Most of us don't have archives of 3D models and animations to keep so what's the real advantage of being able to run both operating systems?

Mac vs PC

The truth of the matter is that even though Mac OS has come a long way there are still programs that won't work on it. This isn't so much a problem with Apple's OS or hardware as it is different programming languages used for older programs. These older programs or games may mean a great deal to you and being able to quickly switch between operating systems with ease allows you to use these old friends.

Switching over to a new machine can also be traumatic for some. After all if you've used Windows XP since it came out and just now decide to switch to a Mac it's going to take you a while to adjust. Having the ability to go back to Windows XP on the same computer with Mac OS allows you the freedom of easing yourself into your new operating system.

Or you may simply want to keep Windows XP and switch over to a Mac because you like the hardware better. There's no rule that says you have to use Mac OS on your Mac which is why it's one of the friendliest pieces of computer hardware to use. If you want to use Windows XP or Vista as your primary OS on your Mac you can do that. After all it's your computer and you shouldn't be limited.

While the hardware debate has been talked, yelled, and screamed into the ground, it is slowly showing that Mac's have more powerful hardware than Windows based PC's. This is especially true when you compare the average 13 inch laptop with Apple's 13 inch Mac Book Pro. You simply want more power for your money, and with Mac you can not only get this but keep your old operating system as well.

Advantages of Mac vs PC

The argument over Mac vs Windows is one that's never going to go away. But, software advances like Mac Boot Camp continue to move the battle in Apple's favor. When you offer someone the ability to upgrade their machine, try a new operating system, use their old operating system, and keep all of their old files they're going to strongly consider it.

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