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Mac backup software is not something you should forget even though you have just purchased a new computer. Sadly, most people don’t think of it until their computer crashes and they really need it. Of course it’s too late then.

The Importance of Backup Software


It is a sad fact of life, if you have a computer chances are it’s is going to start having problems at some point in time. Computers crash, the expensive ones and the cheap ones. Some people regularly replace their computers in order to avoid this kind of problem.

Unfortunately, many people are caught totally unawares and find themselves calling a computer store in a panic. They have important files that they cannot afford to lose and hope that they can retrieve it.

Sometimes you can, but sometimes the hard drive gets corrupted and it may not be possible.

Time Machine

Apple has a new backup utility that’s included with Leopard (OS X 10.5) and is reputed to be the easiest Mac backup software to use yet. Time Machine automatically works in the background backing up your data. It’s so easy your likely to forget it’s even there working. Time Machine makes it easy if you want to just recover a specific file or folder from a backup. Your backup software provides you with a step-by-step guide to configuring Time Machine and creating your very first backup.

Multiple Backup Drives

One way you can increase the reliability of your backup system is to use multiple backup drives. With the new OS X Mountain Lion it’s easy to add two or more drives to your backup system. You can also create off site backups with Time Machine.

Replacing Your Time Machine

At some point in time, the Time Machine drive may need to be replaced. It could be that your drive is smaller now than what you currently need or the drive itself may be experiencing problems. It’s important that you get Mac backup software when you buy your Mac so you’re never caught unawares by a crashing computer. Time Machine enables you to easily transfer your data from the old drive to the new one with its Mac backup software.

Online Backup

When it comes to online backup software Lifehacker is a great option for Mac users. Online backup software provides you with unlimited storage, and powerful encryption for low monthly fees. Here are some of the basics.

  • Lifehacker gives you the ability to schedule your backups without having to worry about it later. You set your schedule once and forget about it.

  • You can back up to any computer on your network or you can connect an external drive. You should also consider off-site back up in case something happens like theft of your computer of a fire or anything else that destroys your computer.

  • Online backup gives you the freedom of unlimited file size

  • Lifehacker offers you incremetal backup as well. Rather than backing up every file every time you backup it just backups everything that has changed or is new. This really helps if you have limited bandwidth.

Thinking Ahead

There are a lot of great Mac backup software available for Mac users today. Whatever your needs are you can find backup software to fit your budget and your specific needs. Some of the top software are; SuperDuper, Synk Standard, Knox, SmartBackup, Data Backup and TriBACKUP.

If you have just purchased a new Mac, or have an existing one now is the time to get your backup software. Don’t be one of the many running to computer repair stores frantically searching for a way to recover their lost files after their computer crashed.

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