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The number of Mac apps is beyond 10,000, which makes it hard to imagine that there may not be "an app for that," though quality and price are other issues. Apple has some apps, all of which range from free to a few hundred dollars, that are less than par while others have rave reviews, making them the best on the market.

The company has certainly lead the way for the future of technology, as the Apple apps enable you to sing, dance, play, work, create, capture, draw, organize, email and find exactly what you need or want.


The Technology


The trait that you may find to be the most enticing, which may be a large reason for Apple's success, is that downloading the application you want is simple and you do not have to buy discs that require storage or can easily become damaged. You do not have to wait in line, waste time, gas or money on public transportation to go to a store and you do not have to spend 20 minutes trying to open a ridiculously sealed package just to reach the software discs lying inside. Instead, you can buy the app you want and download it in just a few minutes, depending on the size of the app of course.

Another convenient and money saving feature of apps for Mac is that you can download the same apps to all of your Apple computers without having to pay again, which is different from other software programs that limit you to one or two downloads. Additionally, once you download a Mac app, you receive a notice as to when an update is available so you always have the latest, best version of your apps.

The Store

All of your favorite mac apps come from where else but the Mac App Store, where creating an account, purchasing and downloading is fast and easy. The store has its 10,000 plus apps neatly organized into categories, such as games, finance, productivity, music and lifestyle, so you do not have to waste too much time looking for the type of application you need. To further enhance your experience, the store also has a section on its home page that lists the top ten free Mac apps and the best apps for Mac.

Some of the popular free apps for Mac include the games Deer Hunter and Solitaire, Kindle for the avid reader, VirtualDJ for the music lover, Twitter if you need to know every detail of minutiae, Xcode and Memory Clean, so your Mac always performs at its best.

Among the best apps for Mac are Call of Duty, Numbers, a program ideal for making spreadsheets and charts, Keynote, which allows you to make animated presentations, iPhoto, Angry Birds, Star Wars and Pages, which lets you create invitations, flyers, documents and other paper products in a unique and eye-catching way.


Contrary to popular belief, Apple computers are prone to viruses which means, if you want to keep your expensive piece of technology safe and sound, you need the most important of all Mac apps- Avast or Sophos. These free Mac apps provide anti-virus protection for those times you click on unfamiliar links, open or download unknown attachments or files and while you are browsing the web.

If you have a Mac computer or are thinking of purchasing one, this should be your very first download because Apple is no longer immune to viruses, though that was their original claim.

The best apps for Mac can really enhance your life, the quality of your work, the memories in your photos and the amount of time you spend doing mundane tasks. So, if you have a busy schedule, own a Mac and want more time to yourself, consider downloading some helpful apps and if they are a little pricey, compare the cost to the value of what you gain by having this new app.

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