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If you’re like millions of people who want to really dig deep into the bible, Logos bible software is not only a great place to start, but a comprehensive, all- encompassing bible study system you’ll find you can’t do without.

Software for Everybody


No matter what your level, from a beginner who is just beginning to study the bible to a professional theologian Logos has a Mac software package for you. Here is a quick look at the different Logos bible software packages.

  • Minimal Crossgrade: You’ll get all of the new Logos 5 features and things like ancient texts and morphologies, ancient texts in translation, bible introduction and surveys, and devotional and spiritual formation, bible reference. Even with the bare bones of the Minimal Crossgrade, there is a lot of material there.

  • Starter: You’ll get things like 20 bible reference resources, 13 volumes of Bible introduction, history and culture. 13 volumes of ministry counseling, 26 volumes of preaching and teaching and dozens of map, photo, and media resources to name just a small part of the starter package.

  • Bronze: In addition to what you get in the starter package you also get things like Berkhof’s systematic theology, 126 volumes of Bible commentary, Baker Encyclopedia of the Bible (4 volumes), 16 original language texts and morphologies, and almost a dozen volumes of devotionals and works on spiritual formation. You get all that and much more than can be listed here.

  • Silver: In addition to what you get with the other packages you also get almost 3 times the volumes of Bible commentary, almost twice the original language texts, 29 volumes of Bible references, 25 volumes of theology, 20 volumes of counseling and ministry, and over a dozen volumes on Bible introduction and background; and much more.

  • Gold: In addition to the silver package you get more bible commentary, 49 volumes of old and new testament handbook series, 132 volumes of biblical studies including N.T. Wright’s Christian Origins and the Question of God Series (3 volumes), 10 volumes of dictionary of the New Testament, 16 volumes of ancient texts in translation, and 19 original language grammars and tools. You also get new features like Bible sense Lexicon and the Syntax Search.

  • Platinum: In addition to previous Logos Bible software packages you’ll receive all 53 of Logos 5 most impressive features as well as 558 volumes of Bible commentary like 26 volumes of preaching the word commentaries. You’ll get 70 volumes on theology, 54 Bible reference, introduction and backgrounds, 47 ancient text and morphologies, and 65 original language grammars, lexicons, word studies, and other tools including BDAG. In addition you get 63 volumes of preaching and teaching and 17 volumes of ancient text in translation like the Nad Hammadi Library in English. Much more than can be listed here.

  • Diamond: You get everything in the lower packages plus 161 volumes on church history, 48 volumes of ministry and counseling, 119 volumes on spiritual formation, 659 volumes on Bible commentary, including the College Press NIV Commentary Series, all 40 volumes. You also get 241 volumes of biblical studies and much more.

  • Portfolio: You get everything in the lower packages of Logos Bible software and more. 668 volumes of Bible commentary, 152 volumes of Bible introduction, history, and culture, 261 volumes on preaching and teaching, including the Charles Spurgeon Collection, all 86 volumes. You’ll receive every Greek and Hebrew critical text offered by Logos, and 40 volumes of exegesis and interpretation, and all 53 of Logos 5 most impressive features, and that’s not all. You’ll get 285 theological works, including the A.W. Pink Collection, all 40 volumes. If you were to purchase this material in print it would cost you about $78,000.

The Complete Package

As you can see, the Logos Bible software for Mac is a complete package of everything you need if you are a beginner or a professional theologian or scholar. Whatever your needs are Logos has what you need. There is so much information available you’d need a house sized library to hold in print what you receive with their software.

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