Lacie External Hard Drive


The Quadra is a staple in the LaCie external hard drive line.

Computer technology and programming is growing by leaps and bounds, in fact the rate at which it is currently moving is hard to keep up with. You can now do more than ever with a home computer, download movies, music, images and games in the blink of an eye. With all there is available you can easily overwhelm your hard drive which leaves you with the option of buying a new computer or simply getting a device like the LaCie D2 Quadra external hard drive.


LaCie d2 Quadra External Hard Drive

Lacie External Hard DriveCompatible with Apple Time Machine, keeping your Mac up to date is a snap. The LaCie D2 Quadra external hard drive will work with both Mac OS and PCs powered by Windows operating systems. On a Mac, you will need 102.8 or 10.3. Windows compatible operating systems include 2000/XP/Vista.


1 TB External Hard Drive

You can choose between 1 or 2 Terabyte capacity with 500 GB. Listed features include:

  • 500 GB, 1-2 terabyte capacities
  • Fire wire, eSata 400/800 and 2.0 USB connections supported
  • Slim Design
  • Engineered to reduce heat
  • Shortcut Button

A slim design will not take up much space, and it will not trap heat either. A big problem with hard drives, both internal and external, is heat. The bigger the hard drive, the more heat is potentially produced. This is not great for sensitive computer parts.

This external hard drive was designed with a specially ribbed aluminum casing that gives the drive 60% more surface area to dissipate heat while remaining compact and not cumbersome. This drive can be set up vertically next to your tower or added to a horizontal rack.


LaCie External Hard Drive Mac Computers

The LaCie D2 Quadra external hard drive offers diverse connectivity. Few externals give you the option to use all four-connection types in one device. If you need blazing fast connection speeds for working with multimedia applications this is a hard drive you might consider.

Computer hardware and software are only as good as their setup. To put it simply, the more difficult a piece of equipment is to use the less inclined you will be to purchase and use it. But, with LaCie external hard drives this is definitely not a problem. They come preloaded with a set up assistant, which shows you how to quickly set up the drive depending on your needs. It will even show you how to set up the FAT32 partition for use with Mac systems.

In line with Mac's Green initiative, this hard drive comes with all of the applications preinstalled. No discs, which typically end up in landfills, are included. If you happen to lose an application, you can easily download it from the Lacie website.


Quadra = 4 Ports

The LaCie D2 Quadra external hard drive comes ready to set up. Along with the drive, stand and power cable, you will receive all of the cables you might need - FireWire 400 or 800, USB 2.0 and eSata.

While the USB will provide slower performance, it is a port that is on all Macs. FireWire 400 will be faster, but is not available on the MacAir. FireWire 800 tops both but is only available on higher end Macs, such as the MacBook Pro, iMac and Mac Pro. An eSATA will require either a PC card to use on a Mac laptop, or an installed PCI card for Mac desktops.


Buying LaCie External Hard Drive

If you're in the market for good and cheap external hard drives, the Lacie d2Quadra is worth a look. It is a great backup device, no matter what your file storage needs happen to be. The large capacity drives allow you to store millions of images, 350 thousand songs, 70 hours of video and tons of documents. Never worry about lost data due to hard drive failures again when you install this handy external drive.

The Good: Large capacity, several connection options, includes backup software.

The Bad: While easy to use, you will find that support hours are limited. And you will have to foot the bill for the call.

d2 Quadra 1TB External eSATA 3Gbits / USB / FireWire 400 & 800 Hard Disk

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