Apple iPad 3


If you are looking for cutting edge tablet technology, then the iPad 3 is worth a look.

This Apple tablet PC came out in early 2012 and is an upgrade on the iPad 2, rather than a whole new model. The external look and feel of the machine is almost identical, but the internal workings were overhauled to match the Android and Samsung tablets for speed and compatibility.

Spot the Difference

When it is turned off, most users would be hard pressed to pick out the new iPad 3 when put next to the Ipad 2 or the original iPad.

However, when you pick it up and turn it on, the differences are easy to spot:

  • Retina Display – The big change that you will see in the new iPad is the quality of the screen display. It has managed to fit incredible 1536 x 2048 pixels in the same 9.7-inch screen that has been the hallmark of all iPads so far. This means that it can display high and full definition shows and movies, which make it an interesting alternative to a new TV for your home.
  • Voice recognition – Fans of the new iPhone 4S will recognize the voice recognition software that allows users to start apps, search for information and make notes all through vocal commands. The software allows users to perform quite complex activities without having to learn the complex sequences to find the specific piece of information.
  • 5-megapixel camera – The main criticism of the first iPad is that it only had a camera on the back, which made face-to-face video conversations impossible. The main criticism of the iPad 2 is that it only had a camera on the front, which made it hard to take pictures and see what you were taking a picture of. The iPad 3 combines both with an impressive 5-megapixel camera on the back of the tablet and a simple VGA camera on the front. The back camera can also record video in 1080p definition, which means you can watch your videos back in high definition on a flat screen TV.
  • Quad core graphics – The new pixel resolution has required Apple to upgrade the graphics card to make use of the new screen clarity. The new quad core graphics card means that it is even easier to browse the web, pinch items and zoom in and out with a greater degree of accuracy. The improved graphics card also means that you can get the latest games from the app store in stunning high definition and you have less lag time if you are playing a multiplayer game over the Internet.
  • 4G connection – The new wave of 4G wireless internet means that you'll get a stronger signal in more locations regardless of whether you're with Verizon or AT&T. Also for the first time, you can remove the SIM card from your new iPad and replace it with another, meaning that you can get a new SIM card when you're traveling abroad to access local internet rates and stop the astronomical roaming charges for using your phone abroad.

iPad 3 - Is it worth it?

The main criticism being leveled at the iPad 3 is that it is thicker than the iPad 2 and almost 60g heavier. While for most people this does not make a huge difference, it makes it larger and heavier in a satchel or handbag on a day-to-day basis. You'll need to decide whether the new technology in the best tablet PC outweighs the new weight and whether you feel this new iPad is worth the upgrade from your existing tablet model.

Apple iPad 3

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