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Whether you’re thinking of designing an entire house, or just an office, home design software for Mac may just be the thing you’re looking for. You may be the person looking to do it all, or just part to save money, or just looking to have your ideas and opinion considered, you’ll find what you need in Mac’s design software.

What to Look For


When it comes to home design software for Mac, there are some things you want to look for to make sure you are getting the right software for the job. Here is what to look for.

  • Features: Design software for Mac should be more than just basic floor plans. It should offer features like the ability to incorporate plumbing, electrical and HVAC infrastructure, and real-time walkthroughs. Your software should be comprehensive enough to allow you to do it all, or just the basics.
  • Tools: Top Mac software titles offer you tools to design floors, roofs, stairs, kitchens, bedrooms, fire places, cabinets, fences, and more. The best software will allow you to use stock windows and doors for example, as well as custom designs for both.
  • Objects: The more different materials offered in your design software the better and more versatile it will be. Your software should hold libraries of thousands of options in furnishings, appliances, lighting fixtures, flooring, windows and window covers, landscaping objects as well, like trees, plants, and fences.
  • Help: The best home design software for Mac should include top rated customer support as well as easy to use tutorials. There should be comprehensive support through their websites and live chat, email, and phone support as well.

Software for Anyone’s Needs

Home design software for Mac comes in a number of different software titles suited to fit your needs whatever they may be. Here are some of the top Mac home design software.

  • Live Interior 3D- Home and Interior Design Software for Mac: This is a very powerful intuitive interior design software that enables you to build the house or office of your dreams right on your Mac. This is perfect for the professional interior designer looking to put together a presentation for clients or for the average person wanting to try their hand at designing. The standard version is perfect for those wanting to experiment with interior design in 3D. You can easily design and build an apartment or house with a roof and drag and drop objects into the interior. For those wanting to design intricate interiors, the Pro Edition is perfect.
  • Punch! Home and Landscape Design Studio: This is great for those wanting to build a new home or just looking to add a new deck or redesigning a kitchen. Punch offers you the tools to design your dream home and then be able to render it in 3D to really see what it looks like. You can also print out templates and assemble a scale model as well.
  • Microspot Mac Draft Pro: Offers you the power of CAD software, but at an affordable price. You can create home and engineering designs as well as technical illustrations. The scaled down environment supports both feet and metric dimensions. You get a complete set of drawing tools like lines, circles, rectangles, polygons, curves and more. With the parallel extrude tool you can create interior walls and with a mouse click add parallel walls. You can do just about any task with the Microspot software.

What to Look For

When it comes to home design software for Mac there are some things you will want to look for. Things like the flexibility to increase and decrease your floor designs, or to just move them around. Tools are very important as well. You should have tools like staircase generator, fireplace designer, cabinet designer and more. Without these specific tools it is very difficult to do something as common as a staircase which can be a nightmare to an inexperienced designer.

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