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Everyone with an Apple product wants free mac apps and some of them are quite easy to come by, as some downloads come free with the purchase of your product. Other apps, whether they are for your phone, laptop, or tablet, are available online, some through Apple and others through various web sites.

You can find free apps for games, music, videos, file sharing, editing and so much more, allowing you to save money, be happy and get the convenience you need at your fingertips.

Work on the Go


It is not uncommon for people to travel for work, whether by carpool, train, bus, or airplane and your commute takes a lot of production time away from your day, unless of course, you have some of the free mac apps that enable you to work en route. Two of the best free apps for traveling workers are the CloudApp and the Dropbox, as the first lets you share almost anything with anyone and gives you the power to track, delete and view the file from the menu bar.

The Dropbox app synchronizes the files you choose with all of your computers, provided they all have this software, so you can always access the information you need. If you forget your computer or are away from home but need to access your files immediately, just go to the Dropbox website from any computer or your mobile phone and your information is there, waiting for you.

If you are working on the go, you may also have an interest in downloading Transmission, an app designed to save power and maximize usability. When in use, the default settings go to “Just Work,” so you can do just that without consuming extra power and reducing your work time because your battery died.

Fun and Games

Apple know that you cannot work all the time so they created some fun free mac apps for you to enjoy when you are ready to take a break from your nine to five and just experience life. iTunes already gives you access to all of your favorite songs but what if you are having a party, want to play the music at your party off your iTunes music list yet want to share another app or video with your guests?

You can keep the music going and share your new favorite app if you have SizzlingKeys, the software that allows you to exit iTunes, still listen to your music, but control it while checking out another application.

Among the other free mac apps that you may find entertaining is Boxee, which gives you the ability to watch Netflix, television shows and listen to music from the Internet on a television. This free app saves you the money of having to pay for a DVR and eliminates the hassle of having to remember to record, delete when the memory is full, or fighting with your loved ones who also want to DVR their shows.

Get Organized

If you are like most people, you probably do not have time to organize your life but you probably wish you had a clone to do that for you, since it would simplify so many things. Luckily, Apple actually has a number of free apps that can help you organize the various aspects of your life, from contacts to schedules to cleaning up software.

The AppCleaner allows you to completely uninstall apps you no longer want, including those small files that non-techies do not know linger behind and take up memory space. Additionally, you can keep the apps you do want up to date and functioning properly by installing AppFresh, which automatically updates the software for you.

It is easy to access free mac apps, especially since Apple offers over 100 of them, a business tactic that keeps them from losing money to piracy and that keeps you happy. So, next time you feel the need to have some fun, get organized or be productive while commuting, download a new app and live life the way you want.

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