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When a virus strikes, you’ll be glad you have data recovery software for Mac. You’ve done your best to download from only the most trusted sites, and you’ve done your best not opening emails from unknown sources, but sometimes you just can’t avoid it. If you don’t have data recovery software, something that should have been a minor inconvenience becomes a major problem.


How Does it Work?


You’ve no doubt heard of data recovery software for Mac, how do you know how it works? When you delete a file it goes to the recycle bin, and emptying it makes the file harder to access, but not impossible. Basically when you delete a file you are removing the path to that file. Data recovery software is designed to scour your hard drive and locate any recoverable data. It pieces it back together and creates a salvageable format. The best recovery software will provide you with filtered and searchable results, a preview of recovered files, easy file restoration, and other useful tools.


Choosing the Best Data Recovery Software

Choosing the right recovery software can be difficult as there are so many software titles to choose from. Top data recovery software for Mac should include things like; partition repair, disk fragmentation, file repair systems, and backup tools. Make sure you do your research so you don’t buy the wrong software. Some software can recover things like music and photos, or you may need information retrieval software to recover partial volumes of hard drives. Customer service is also important especially if you are new to this. Some companies even offer live chat. You should also consider investing in a remote hard drive to back up your important files to on a regular basis.


Top Data Recovery Software

Here is the 3 top data recovery software for Mac available today.

  • R-Studio: This software title offers some of the most extensive features of any Mac recovery software package available. R-Studio has a back-up feature and can recover data from external hard drives and media devices, like your iPod. With R-Studio you can make partial or full image of any drive even if it includes bad sectors. R-Studio also includes a hexadecimal disk and file editor that can be used to modify and fix corrupted files and disk structures that you would not otherwise be able to recover.
  • Stellar Phoenix: Phoenix will recover lost, deleted or formatted files. You can also recover data from external devices like your iPod, USB flash drives, memory cards, or MP3 players. If your files have been thrown into the trash and deleted then Stellar Phoenix is for you. Phoenix can recover over 200 different file types. Phoenix also includes disk imaging and a system startup disc. If your drive is corrupt and your Mac won’t start up this software has a bootable system startup DVD so you can start your system and access data.
  • Tech Tool Pro: Brand new Tech Tool Pro 6 integrates a new interface, and improves the user experience with features like access to RAID volumes and improved drive repair and rebuild routines. Product includes eDrive which is a bootable partition that includes tools you need for recovering data from a drive that is not mountable or in use by your primary drive’s operating system. Tech Tool 6 will recover all file types, even from unbootable drives. They also offer email and phone technical support.


Before It’s Too Late

If you have a computer long enough it’s likely that you may run into a virus or some problem where you are no longer able to access certain files. Don’t wait till it happens before you buy data recovery software for Mac; it will save you a huge headache.

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