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Some people just read their bible while others really dig into it. Bible software for Mac is great for those people who really want to dig in, and discover everything the best- selling book in the world has to offer. It’s fine to use your bible for church or sitting in bed reading, or similar uses. However, for those times when you really want to explore, it’s difficult to keep everything straight when you have ten books and piles of paper scattered all over the place.

Keeping up to Date


Things are always changing. People are constantly writing new books about the bible and its contents. It can get very expensive when you’re trying to keep up with the latest discoveries and theories. And once more, you have a mess of books and papers scattered everywhere. Part of studying your bible has to do with organization and bible software for Mac helps you do that.

The Time is Now

This is a great time to become a self-taught bible scholar. So much of what we know today has never been available to the common man before today. Now everyone with a computer has the access to the same valuable resources; all you need is a little time and dedication.

Benefits of Bible Software

  • Efficiency: This is probably the number one reason many people use bible software for Mac; it saves you time.

  • Accessibility: Bible software gives you access to the best resources just by pointing and clicking. Tasks that used to take you hours to do manually will take minutes. This saved time gives you greater access to new material.

  • Proficiency: Bible scholars know the value of learning Greek and Hebrew when studying the bible. The latest software and know how enables scholars to learn languages faster and with better proficiency.

  • Portability: These days you don’t have to drag around a briefcase of books everywhere you go. All you need is access to your laptop of any computer and you can continue to study the bible wherever you go.

Mac Options

As a Mac user you have a number of options when it comes to bible software. Here is some of the popular bible software for Mac.

  • Bible Explorer: The libraries puts some of the best study resources in the world, at your fingertips. Bible Explorer is intuitive so it’s easy to learn. The search engine rapidly mines your entire library for relevant information on specific subjects. It’s fast and easily customizable. Bible Explorer remembers your preferences from your highlight color, verses, window organization, bible translations, and more.

  • Accordance Bible Software: Accordance advantages make the difference. You’ll get things like; graphical searching, customizable tool bar, tagged texts (hover over a word and get cross-highlighting and instant details), workspace (organized with multiple tabs panes and zones), interactive atlas, and analytics, to discover patterns and trends found throughout the bible.

  • MacSword: This is a very popular Mac software title for OS X and offers features like screenshots, workspace window, multiple parallel bibles with commentary, indexed search, Strong’s Numbers, personal commentary editing, and dictionary. Version 2.4.4 comes with solutions for the previous version like; the tool bar fix, increase in security settings in OSX 10.8, removed 'save' menu entries, fixed the footnote bug, and when loading an existing session, the old session is only removed if the new session can be loaded.

Depth of Research

With the advent of bible software for Mac, bible readers have become bible scholars with the click of a mouse. Gone are the days where a person studying the bible would have his desk covered with a jumble of notes, papers, and books. Bible software eliminates the need for those and saves you time. You have a limited amount of time to spend researching, and software enables you to dig so much further with the time you have available. Bible software doesn’t create time, but it does make you far more efficient with what you have.

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