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The best mac apps are a matter of opinion, as you may think the best ones are those that are free or fun while someone else may think the greatest software programs are those that are functional and make life easier. Regardless of definition, you can certainly find the best apps to use with your Apple products that meet your needs, whether it is for work, play or just making every day a little simpler.

In a Flash


In this age of technology, people share photos, real or not, on Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, dating sites and other online web pages, which is why the Snapseed application is so great. It allows you to not only make basic edits, like eliminating red eye and cropping but it also allows you to use fun filters, add borders and of course, share your master piece with everyone. The best part is this app is easy to use and provides you with hours of fun, great pictures for sharing or using to make cards and invites for just under $20.

Take Flight

One of the best mac apps for working professionals, and for those of you who like convenience, is Sparrow, a program that makes emailing efficient and easy. No matter what email service you use, Sparrow enables you to quickly go through conversations, create and label folders and receive all your mail in the same inbox. It also lets you respond quicker and easier, view all of your attachments before sending, which you can simply drag and drop right into your mail box, and you can customize emails with a formatting tool.

Music and Movies

You know about YouTube and iTunes and Pandora, which allow you to listen to music or watch videos from your computer or phone but you may not know about GarageBand or Final Cut Pro X. If your dream is to make a music video, record a song or produce a movie, then these are the best mac apps for you. GarageBand is not comparable to recording in a professional studio but it is a good way to practice and try different sounds and musical techniques, as it lets you mix, edit, record and even take some music lessons.

Final Cut Pro X allows you to cleanly edit digital videos in a short amount of time and its many features are easy to use, making this version a definite upgrade from its earlier forms. You may work with multiple camera shots at the same time, edit multichannel audio and organize your film so you can easily and quickly find what you need.


Since this is probably top among the best of the best mac apps, you may have heard of it, as it is a game designed more for adults than kids with its haunting and eerie, yet beautiful setting. In one of its many five star reviews, a professional gamer described Limbo as disturbing, freaky, weird, uncomfortable genius, which undeniably says it all since the game is about a boy who enters Limbo to save his sister.

His journey starts in a forest but later transitions into a city, where the player completes the game upon finding the startled girl who stands up, causing the game’s abrupt end. The meaning of the end of the game has numerous interpretations but you can make up your own, provided you make it that far.

Apple created so many applications for its products and consumers, some of which people do not even know about so if you do not think these are the best mac apps for you, then keep looking. The ingenuity and persistence of Apple employees has the power to create a program that pleases at least a few people, even the toughest critics like you.

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