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With all the online predators, the need for anti spyware for Mac is growing. If you have owned a computer for very long you have no doubt come across spyware without your even knowing about it. If you were fortunate, your computer already had some form of anti-spyware that came with it when you bought your computer. However, as fast as spyware mutates and grows you need more than the bare bones protection that comes with most computers.

What is Spyware?


Most have heard the term spyware, but few know what it is and how it works. Spyware is software that performs certain behaviors without your consent first. This can come in the form of advertising, changing the configuration of your computer, and collecting personal information about yourself and your activity online.

Not all software that tracks your online activity is bad. Some companies offer you a service and the way you pay for that service is to agree to receive certain ads. The company may track your activity to see which ads they want you to see. That is not spyware.

A common spyware tactic is to change your computer’s homepage. You may have selected Google as your homepage but every time it goes to some site that malicious spyware is directing you to and it can be nearly impossible to interrupt this cycle without the proper anti-spyware for Mac.

Top Anti spyware for Mac Titles

There are numerous software titles when it comes to anti-spyware for Mac computers. Here are some of the top titles in a nutshell.

  • Little Snitch for Mac: You no doubt have a firewall set up on your computer but it does not prevent data from being sent out from your computer. Whenever a program tries to establish an ongoing internet connection Little Snitch lets you know. That data could be spyware sending out personal information to someone’s computer somewhere in the world. You will get the choice to either allow the connection or to deny it. It can also detect Trojans and other malware.

  • Intego Mac Internet Security 2013 for Mac: This software protects your Mac from malware and other viruses. It sets up a barrier that shields your computer from anyone getting access. It also protects your important files from getting corrupted. Intego protects you on the go and from both PC and Mac malware.

  • iServices Trojan Removal Tool for Mac: This is a free utility created to remove the iWorkServices Trojan horse from infected Mac computers running Mac OS X. This is in response to new spyware Trojan horse that comes bundles with pirated copies of Apples iWork09. When infected copies are run they install a hidden Trojan program called iWorkServices. This software will remove this form of malware.

  • MacScan: This software detects, isolates and removes spyware applications like keystroke loggers and Trojan horses. MacScan will isolate all evidence of spyware type applications to a secured, single location then create a report of all activity. MacScan also has an extensive spyware education library for you to read up on. Keep people from snooping on your every move with MacScan.

Download any one of these anti spyware for Mac software titles and you won’t have to worry about the very common insidious problem of spyware.

How it Works

Spyware often piggybacks itself on software titles that you want to download. These are usually free titles and the spyware is hidden from you in order to gather information like passwords and other valuable data. It can affect your computer’s performance by redirecting web searches, installing other software, reducing connection speeds, and changing your computer’s settings. Sometimes spyware tricks you into downloading it by pretending to be security software itself and before you know it, it’s tracking everything you do online and sending that info out to other computers set up half way around the world. The best way to protect yourself is through anti spyware for Mac computers.

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