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One of the biggest problems in using the internet is keeping spam out of your inbox. Anti spam for Mac Computers can help.

It seems almost impossible to keep spam out even if you only sign up for things that you are interested in. Spammers always find a way to get your email address and send you advertisements you simply don't want. The solution to this is to use anti spam fighting programs.

Anti Spam for MacThe problem with many anti spam tools is that they are built for PC and designed for Outlook, the email client built for Windows. Since you have a Mac, you need to find a program that works with Apple's operating system. Just because the spam tool is proven effective doesn't necessarily mean that it is compatible with Mac.

Mac Security

Many people wonder if anti spam for Mac computers is even necessary. The first thing that we think of when we think of spam is commercial email but it can be much more harmful than that. There can be attachments in these emails which can be anything from viruses, spyware, to even worse keyloggers. In some cases these emails are designed to 'phish' out your password for important sites and even your personal information.

Most email clients these days have a filter system that automatically places spam into a spam folder. But these clients are not reliable and they often put legitimate email into your spam folder. They also do not do a great job in keeping spam out of your inbox and a lot of commercial email still manages to get through despite the efforts of the client.

Mac Spam Tools

So if you have a Mac, which anti spam programs should you consider?

  1. SpamSieve
  2. SpamSweep
  3. POPfile

The first program is called SpamSieve which works with most email clients and is very easy to use. If you want a simple anti spam program that gets the job done, then this one is perfect. The only drawback is that it does not work as a POP or IMAP proxy.

The second program you should take a look at is SpamSweep. The program is very precise in weeding out spam and removes spam before it even reaches your email program. Like Spamsieve, this is a simple program that performs its basic function. However it does not integrate with many email clients and does not work as a POP proxy.

If you need the proxy features, then you should take a look at POPfile. This is a very efficient spam filter program and comes with many features from a web interface, multi OS compatibility, the ability to categorize your mail, and more. The only drawback is that it can consume a lot of memory, slowing down your computer quite a bit.

Best Anti Spam for Mac

All 3 of these Mac anti spam tools are a great choice. Your decision should be based on what your needs are, what features you're looking for, and how much you want to spend on a program. Any one of these tools can help you manage your email from the spam that makes its way to your email inbox.

It's a matter of choosing the right tool for your needs.

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